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I am a professional .I feel very strongly about child abuse ,mental,physical or sexual and will be sharing true stories of such kids through my blog.I will also b e sharing true incidences,lifetime sufferings of people suffering from schizophrenia,a dreaded mental disorder.My take will be personal as a person closely associated as a caretaker of schizophrenia afflicted. Read on please ,some stories might help you understand them can e mail me and may be I can help.Sharing is giving...

All I want is sleep…

It was six in the morning and Taru’s fists moved fast on the dough she was kneading .She was running late today owing to her late night studies.This was happening more often lately and she must get organised to catch … Continue reading

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Where the mind is not without fear

Milk was boiling over and Siya kept staring at the pot obviously oblivious to it.Her laughter filled the room but it froze ¬†her daughter Taru in her tracks.This was familiar..The sound had no expression, the laughter was hollow and as … Continue reading

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Its not my fault…

Summer holidays were near and she was excited.It was going to be one fun filled holiday with her favorite cousins.She had not met them in three years and she was really looking forward to spending the long summer afternoons playing … Continue reading

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And she never wanted to be a winner again…..

She shifted with her family to this new city in summers.She was all of nine and pretty excited about the change.Little did she know that this change of city was going to change her life for ever.She had her parents … Continue reading

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